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Confirmation Requests

Managing FHLB Des Moines accounts is easy with assistance from the Member and Financial Operations Department. Services include:

Balance Confirmations (Word)
For capital stock, advances and collateral as well as a safekeeping report. For questions regarding balance confirmations, please contact Customer Service at:

T: 515.281.1168
F: 515.699.1245

Cut-Off Statements (Word) 
For demand deposits. For questions regarding cut-off statements, please contact Customer Serivce at:

T: 515.281.1168
F: 515.699.1245

Please email or fax the request for cut-off statements early enough to ensure that FHLB Des Moines receives it no later than two days prior to the requested cut-off date. Cut-off statements as of a certain date can not be produced subsequent to that date. When utilizing either form, observe the following guidelines:

  • Sign the request form. FHLB Des Moines will not release confidential information without an authorized signature. A separate cover letter or standard confirmation form is not needed.
  • Provide copies of these forms to your institution's audit firm, regulator or any other entity that you wish to authorize receipt of the information.
  • Ensure that this information is distributed to the appropriate personnel within your institution.
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