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Letter of Credit Fee Schedule

FHLB Des Moines offers competitive Standby Letters of Credit and Confirming Letters of Credit. The fees for Standby Letters of Credit (SLOC) are assessed at 11.5 bps per annum. For questions related to Confirming Letter of Credit fees, please contact the Money Desk for an application.

Standard Billing for SLOC
Upon issuance of a SLOC, the Bank charges a non-refundable fee which is calculated using the following formula: {Face Amount * FEE * (Term in Days/360)}.

The FEE used in the above formula is based upon the Face Amount of the SLOC and is currently 11.5 bps per annum. Any LOC fee is subject to change in the future.

The minimum charge for any SLOC is $250.

Money Desk
Toll Free: 800.544.3452, ext. 1013
Local: 515.281.1013
Fax: 515.699.1250

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