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Funding Products Webinar Series

Were you not able to attend our four-part webinar series “Funding Products to Help Your Institution Go Further”? Don't worry, below are the recordings for you to view on your own time. This series provides real life applications, case studies and examples of how you can apply FHLB Des Moines funding products and tools to your institution's strategy.

  • Marginal Cost of Funds Webinar
    What You will Learn: How to utilize a quantitative framework for evaluating the relative attractiveness of your retail deposit pricing campaigns. Key elements include how to avoid overpaying for deposits due to cannibalization of your existing accounts and overpaying for deposits that you were never in danger of losing.
  • Term Advances Webinar
    What You will Learn: How to use our long-term advance products for risk mitigation, liquidity management and balance sheet analysis. We will also discuss the benefits of using our advances including pricing, availability and regulatory implications. 
  • Forward Starting Advance Webinar
    What You will Learn: How to lock in funding for future anticipated needs without adding immediate liquidity and protect against rising rates. We will also discuss how to fund loans with delayed disbursements and pre-fund securities purchases.
  • Symmetrical Advance Webinar
    What You’ll Learn: How to hedge unwanted interest rate risk and monetize the value of fixed rate advances in rising rate environments. 

Contact your Vice President/Relationship Manager to learn more.

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