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To view advance rates specific to individual advance types, please choose from the dropdown list in the left side navigation. For everything else related to FHLB Des Moines advances, click the links below. 

Current Rate Indications

View short and long form rate indications, which are updated every business day.

Short Form (PDF)

Long Form (PDF)


Amortizing Advances - Straight Line

Rate History

Download past rates by utilizing our easy to use search tool.

All Rates (April 2012 - present) (Opens in New Window) 

Fixed Rates (2000 - present) (Excel) 

Community Investment

View our community support statement and learn how to take advantage of low-cost funding for your community's needs. 

Community Investment Advance (Opens in New Window)

Community Support Statement (Opens in New Window)

Business Requirements

Learn more about our credit, collateral and capital stock requirements and download forms. 

Credit (Opens in New Window)

Collateral (Opens in New Window)

Capital Stock (Opens in New Window)

Member Products Policy (PDF)

Funding Strategies/Solutions

Let us help you understand how to utilize our products and more.

Blended Funding (Opens in New Window)

How It Works:

Symmetrical Prepayment Feature (PDF)

Delayed Amortizing Advance (Opens in New Window)

Advance Restructuring  (Opens in New Window)

All-in-Cost (PDF)

Marginal Cost of Funds (Opens in New Window)

Prepayment of Advances (Opens in New Window)

Parallel Shift Analysis (Opens in New Window)

Quarterly Economic Update


Take advantage of the resources listed below to learn about our product suite, eAdvantage, dividend and more. 

The Members Source (Opens in New Window)

Product Suite (PDF)

Advance Product Comparison (PDF)

eAdvantage (Opens in New Window)

Dividend Benefits (Opens in New Window)

Advance Pricing Methodology (Opens in New Window) 


For questions about strategies or solutions contact your Vice President/Member Solutions (Opens in New Window).

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