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FHLB Des Moines offers an extensive collateral menu which includes but is not limited to a variety of residential and commercial real estate loans, mortgage and business loans, government-guaranteed loans, securities and time certificates of deposit. Since credit is only extended on a secured basis, we offer a wide variety of collateral options. Members and housing associates choose what, when and how to pledge in order to maintain sufficient eligible collateral. Please refer to the sections below for additional instructions and information on our collateral process.


What Can Be Pledged
FHLB Des Moines accepts various types of loans and securities as collateral. Explore your options and understand eligibility criteria for all collateral. Eligibility guidelines and checklists are provided here.

Determine Your Loan-to-Value (LTV)
LTV is the maximum collateral value that assets pledged to FHLB Des Moines receive. LTV reference charts are provided.

Pledging and Releasing Collateral
Pledging and releasing collateral can be accomplished easily by utilizing eAdvantage, the online portal for members. Prior to using eAdvantage, user authorizations should be set up.

Member Collateral Verification Process (MCV)
FHLB Des Moines periodically reviews loan collateral pledged by members to ensure eligibility criteria are met.

Frequently Asked Questions

  Borrowing Base Certificate (BBC) (PDF)

  Loan Listing (PDF)

  Securities (PDF)

  Member Collateral Verification (PDF)

Contact Information

Toll Free: 800.544.3452, ext. 2500
Local: 515.412.2500

Policy & Procedures

Member Products Policy

Anti-Predatory Lending Policy (PDF)

Collateral Procedures (PDF)


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